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Fans of the ACC Fantasy Baseball League


Team Current Owner Championships 
Notre Dame Franchise Steve Kealoha  
North Carolina Franchise Brian Kealoha  2023, 2018, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
Louisville Franchise Maurio Juarez  2019
Pittsburgh Franchise Tony Berkman  2022, 2021, 2020
Florida State Franchise Greg Rosenthal  
Duke Franchise Tony Gardella  2015
Boston College Franchise Mike Merusi  2017
Virginia Franchise Darin Zinnecker  
Clemson Franchise Bryan Nessen  
North Carolina State Franchise Matt Nicolette/Emerson Wilson  2016 (MN)

12/18/12 - Franchise Name changed for Todd Whitestone from Maryland to Duke

12/18/12 - Franchise Name changed for Steve Kealoha from Duke to Notre Dame

12/18/12 - Franchise Owner for Georgia Tech changed to Mark White

1/14/14 - Franchise Name changed for Tony Berkman from Va. Tech to Pittsburgh

4/23/14 - Franchise Owner for Georgia Tech changed to Mauiro Juarez and team name changed to Louisville

12/18/18 - Franchise Owner for Miami changed to Bryan Nessen

2/6/20 - Franchise Owner for Duke changed to Tony Gardella

2/6/20 - Franchise changed from Miami to Clemson




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2008 Season


Past Results




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