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2010 Draft Pick Trades

Page history last edited by Brian Kealoha 14 years, 2 months ago

Duke sends Adam Dunn and its 12th round draft pick to Florida State for Brandon Phillips and its 17th round draft pick.


UNC sends Bobby Jenks and its 24th round pick to Maryland for Matt Lindstrom and its 19th round pick.


UNC sends Joe Nathan and its 21st pick to Miami for its 16th round pick.


Duke sends its 16th round pick  to NCSU for Ethier and its 26th round pick


Miami sends its 14th round pick to NCSU for Qualls, Abreu and its 25th round pick.


Maryland sends its 18th round pick to NCSU for Wandy and its 22nd round pick.


Georgia Tech sends its 18th round pick and Jones  to NCSU for Damon, Santana, and its 21st round pick.


Virginia Tech sends its 17th round pick to NCSU for Forcal and its 24th round pick.


Virgina send Drew and its 19th round pick to BC for Lugo and its 18th round pick.


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