Conversation with fansoftheacc

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(19:11:40) sndbommin: Hi fellas.
(19:11:48) FSU- Greg: hi guys
(19:11:49) sndbommin: It's still aways off, but figured I'd get the room rolling
(19:12:10) FSU- Greg: I hope tony remembered a wedding gift
(19:12:23) Duke- Matt: lol
(19:12:33) sndbommin: Good one!
(19:12:40) sndbommin: He's got a Treo!
(19:12:47) sndbommin: I'd be pounding away at the table
(19:13:25) sndbommin: I did the supplemental last year in a Borders while my girlfriend was at a concert-- both of us 60 miles from home
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(19:45:03) FSU- Greg: hi bob
(19:47:04) Miami- Bob: hey, Greg
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(19:47:17) sndbommin: OK, 2/3rds of the way there...
(19:47:28) MD- Todd: Hey guys from NYC
(19:48:21) FSU- Greg: how is the weather in the bahamas? 70 and sunny like here in FLA?
(19:48:42) MD- Todd: I propose that we get together in the Bahamas, Hawaii or South Florida next year
(19:48:50) Miami- Bob: not quite sunny today but upwards of 70
(19:49:06) sndbommin: Now that I might be able to get approval for
(19:49:16) sndbommin: 40's here today, and the warmest day in weeks
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(19:49:29) MD- Todd: I like Austin, Tx - but I think the other loctions are better
(19:49:38) Miami- Bob: we should find a saloon in one of those places and do this thing live
(19:49:47) MD- Todd: Speaking of Hawaii, here's the man!
(19:49:50) sndbommin: Not like I'm not drinking anyway
(19:49:50) UNC- Brian: Aloooooha
(19:49:57) Duke- Matt: I'm down w/ Austin;)
(19:50:03) Miami- Bob: ;-)
(19:50:20) MD- Todd: Unfortunately, they're all better than NYC in Feb
(19:50:23) UNC- Brian: You guys are welcome to all crash on the floor at my house
(19:50:49) MD- Todd: Brian - I'm gonna look up flight options now
(19:50:50) Miami- Bob: I've got 8 hotel rooms...come ahead
(19:51:08) FSU- Greg: which island bob?
(19:51:14) Miami- Bob: exuma
(19:51:21) MD- Todd: Wow - Exuma!
(19:51:24) FSU- Greg: nice
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(19:51:34) UNC- Brian: there you go....8 hotel rooms
(19:51:44) MD- Todd: Is there a photo we could look at on line Bob?
(19:52:01) Miami- Bob: and a great barroom to do the draft;-)
(19:52:17) MD- Todd: That's it. I'm making a formal recommendation to Jim
(19:52:19) Miami- Bob: try
(19:52:27) MD- Todd: Great!
(19:53:11) Miami- Bob: hey Brian, been a while
(19:53:24) sndbommin: Waiting on Scott
(19:53:40) BC- Mike: tony is taking julian tavarez
(19:54:05) UNC- Brian: no kidding..thats what 2 kids will do to you
(19:54:12) sndbommin: What about Ugey Urbina? He might even get released this year!
(19:54:24) BC- Mike: hes my sleeper
(19:54:27) Miami- Bob: congrats on #2!!!!!!!!!!
(19:54:35) UNC- Brian: thanks...4 weeks old
(19:54:43) MD- Todd: Congrats Brian
(19:54:47) FSU- Greg: sleeping at all brian
(19:54:49) sndbommin: Sorry about that Mike!
(19:54:52) UNC- Brian: hardly
(19:55:01) UNC- Brian: thats good for you guys:)
(19:55:03) FSU- Greg: i have 3
(19:55:17) sndbommin: We have three owners getting married this year, I think
(19:55:20) UNC- Brian: how old are they again?
(19:55:30) UNC- Brian: damn, are you one jim?
(19:55:35) sndbommin: Yup
(19:55:37) FSU- Greg: 9 7 and 4
(19:55:40) UNC- Brian: congrats
(19:55:46) sndbommin:
(19:55:48) sndbommin: Bam
(19:56:16) MD- Todd: congrats to you too Jim
(19:56:24) sndbommin: Bob's website is more fun, though
(19:56:30) UNC- Brian: nice....i have a wedding i am in the same ay
(19:56:35) UNC- Brian: day
(19:56:40) NC State- Ryan: jim, your sis is hot
(19:57:06) sndbommin: Uh.....
(19:57:13) sndbommin: Where is her picture?
(19:57:14) NC State- Ryan: you don't have to respond
(19:57:20) Miami- Bob: nice tact, ryan
(19:57:21) BC- Mike: Bob, is that where you live?
(19:57:32) Miami- Bob: yes mike
(19:57:37) NC State- Ryan:
(19:57:57) sndbommin: Those are Megan's friends
(19:58:02) NC State- Ryan: oh
(19:58:08) Miami- Bob: built it about 15+ yrs back and have called it home ever since
(19:58:20) FSU- Greg: it is beautiful bob
(19:58:40) Miami- Bob: thanks, greg.... great part of the world
(19:58:50) UNC- Brian: ok lets plan it...2 years from now in the bahamas
(19:59:10) Miami- Bob: would love it!
(19:59:16) sndbommin: What's wrong with next year?
(19:59:38) UNC- Brian: those of us with 2 kids need much more planning will soon learn
(19:59:42) UNC- Brian: but you guys can go every year
(19:59:53) Miami- Bob: I'll close the joint for a week and we can have our own GM meetings
(20:00:19) MD- Todd: I'm ready - might have to arrive several weeks early to start the planning process though
(20:00:19) UNC- Brian: it was a very quiet offseason
(20:00:27) UNC- Brian: in the fans of the acc league
(20:00:33) BC- Mike: sounds good to me Bob
(20:00:34) Miami- Bob: :-)
(20:00:43) UNC- Brian: who are we missing?
(20:00:48) Duke- Matt: scott
(20:00:58) sndbommin: Yeah, well, the commish's wife is already putting heavy pressure on having the meetings there next year
(20:01:05) sndbommin: "wife"
(20:01:24) UNC- Brian: damn, she is bossing you around already?
(20:01:35) UNC- Brian: poor guy
(20:01:42) UNC- Brian: LOL
(20:01:46) FSU- Greg: get used to it. 12 years of it for me
(20:03:49) UNC- Brian: it sure got quiet
(20:03:51) BC- Mike: missing one person right?
(20:03:57) sndbommin: Yeah, I'm already taking orders
(20:03:57) calverthallgang entered the room.
(20:04:12) FSU- Greg: hi scott
(20:04:15) sndbommin: OK, hail hail the gang's all here
(20:04:19) VA Tech- Scott: greetings
(20:04:40) sndbommin: OK, so, a few preliminaries
(20:05:09) sndbommin: 1) Matt, I'd like to have a chance to talk to you about the Ortiz situation after the draft, at least briefly
(20:05:20) sndbommin: While we have everyone here, I'd like to take everyone's pulse
(20:05:21) Duke- Matt: kk
(20:05:46) sndbommin: 2) I'll be updating as we go along, so all owners should feel free to use that as a resource
(20:06:01) sndbommin: There will be even less excuse for selecting a player already off the board than usual
(20:06:17) UNC- Brian: I'll still find one
(20:06:21) sndbommin: 3) Are we OK with the Tony situation? Mike, Ryan, you have his picks and everything?
(20:06:31) NC State- Ryan: I am good for the minors...
(20:06:56) BC- Mike: yeah he gave me a list and a couple instructions
(20:07:03) sndbommin: OK, then
(20:07:06) BC- Mike: he's good to go
(20:07:09) sndbommin: Are we all ready?
(20:07:11) Duke- Matt: Are we determining the draft order tonight as well?
(20:07:15) UNC- Brian: lets do it
(20:07:16) BC- Mike: i think we should
(20:07:22) UNC- Brian: yes we should
(20:07:26) Miami- Bob: agreed
(20:07:29) FSU- Greg: we should
(20:07:32) MD- Todd: fine
(20:07:37) sndbommin: Can we take care of that after the draft?
(20:07:41) MD- Todd: OK
(20:07:43) UNC- Brian: yup
(20:07:43) Duke- Matt: yea
(20:07:44) Miami- Bob: ok
(20:07:51) FSU- Greg: ok
(20:07:52) BC- Mike: if CBS baseball works the same as football all Jim has ot do is click a button to randomly set draft order
(20:08:00) sndbommin: I'd like to do Mike's suggestion
(20:08:07) sndbommin: And I can press the button after we're done here
(20:08:11) MD- Todd: that is fine with me
(20:08:13) Duke- Matt: cool
(20:08:14) UNC- Brian: thats ne
(20:08:14) sndbommin: So everyone can see that I only press it once
(20:08:16) UNC- Brian: fine
(20:08:23) Miami- Bob: too easy;-)
(20:08:51) sndbommin: I don't think you guys truly realize the inside track Bob has on all rulings at this point
(20:09:09) Miami- Bob: it only cost me a week in the bahamas
(20:09:10) sndbommin: ;-)
(20:09:32) sndbommin: OK, if there are no further objections, I would like to proceed to the minor league draft proper
(20:09:36) UNC- Brian: we need a new rule, week stays in the bahamas cannot be traded for players
(20:09:40) sndbommin: Are there any other issues?
(20:09:48) Duke- Matt: nope
(20:09:50) Miami- Bob: :-(
(20:10:07) Duke- Matt: wait
(20:10:18) Duke- Matt: Scott got booted, he needs a re-invite
(20:10:35) sndbommin: Duly reinvited
(20:10:54) sndbommin: But it does look like he's already here?
(20:11:12) Duke- Matt: yea, he I'm ed me, said he was booted
(20:11:18) UNC- Brian: thats a dukie for you :)
(20:11:27) Duke- Matt: said he didn;t gte an invite
(20:11:30) MD- Todd: =-O
(20:11:30) sndbommin: I'll truly boot him and reinvite him then
(20:11:31) Duke- Matt: ?
(20:11:46) Duke- Matt: dunno
(20:12:55) Duke- Matt: he said the window closed and he can;t find it
(20:13:01) Duke- Matt: ?
(20:13:06) VA Tech- Scott: i'm in
(20:13:10) sndbommin: Excellent
(20:13:20) MD- Todd: good job by the hokies
(20:13:30) UNC- Brian: hello?
(20:13:34) sndbommin: OK, BC, you are on the clock
(20:13:38) BC- Mike: BC selects Dice-K
(20:13:38) sndbommin: And MD, you stole my line
(20:13:47) MD- Todd: sorry Jim
(20:13:47) sndbommin: OK, now I am on the clock
(20:13:48) Duke- Matt: UNC may be booted, as well
(20:13:58) sndbommin: And I select Alex Gordon, 3B, KC
(20:14:04) UNC- Brian: sorry it froze but it looks like im back
(20:14:25) NC State- Ryan: GT selects....
(20:14:39) NC State- Ryan: Chris B. Young
(20:15:01) sndbommin: He's done fine for himself
(20:15:08) sndbommin: FSU is on the clock
(20:15:13) FSU- Greg: FSU picks Matt Garza P Minn
(20:15:45) sndbommin: Miami is on the clock
(20:16:11) Miami- Bob: philip hughes
(20:16:47) sndbommin: MD is on the clock
(20:16:59) MD- Todd: MD takes Homer Bailey
(20:17:25) sndbommin: UVA is on the clock
(20:18:11) sndbommin: Troy Tulowitski
(20:18:23) sndbommin: VT is on the clock
(20:18:33) VA Tech- Scott: brandon wood
(20:19:01) sndbommin: UNC is on the clock
(20:19:06) UNC- Brian: dmn
(20:19:19) sndbommin: hehe, we've been moving through this
(20:19:34) Miami- Bob: dmn already gone
(20:19:51) UNC- Brian: guess i should have taken the higher pick in the supp scott.....i slecet Billy Butler
(20:20:38) VA Tech- Scott: i was praying he would make it to me, you just have to take the player i want in the supp draft
(20:21:06) sndbommin: OK, I write what you say
(20:21:10) sndbommin: Billy Butler is the pick
(20:21:16) sndbommin: Duke is on the clock
(20:21:35) Duke- Matt: Jay Bruce
(20:22:07) Duke- Matt: Andrew McCutchen
(20:22:29) FSU- Greg: ouch...i wanted the pirate
(20:22:50) sndbommin: He wouldn't have gotten past me
(20:22:59) sndbommin: UNC is on the clock
(20:23:55) sndbommin: Wait
(20:24:01) UNCTarHeelFan42 left the room.
(20:24:23) sndbommin: (sigh)
(20:24:26) Miami- Bob: soreloser
(20:24:29) Duke- Matt: hmm, suspicious...:)
(20:24:51) VA Tech- Scott: i'm pretty sure he was going to take my pick so if you want that...
(20:25:04) sndbommin: If he's not back in 5 min, I'll select for him
(20:25:39) sndbommin: We've been moving through the draft pretty well, so I'm not that worried about time
(20:25:53) sndbommin: BTW, my sister is at
(20:26:01) sndbommin: (J/K) that's one of her friends
(20:26:27) MD- Todd: lookin good ;-)
(20:26:32) sndbommin: Is he calling anyone?
(20:27:09) Duke- Matt: i'm on the phone w/ him
(20:27:24) Miami- Bob: too young for me but does she have a grandmother?
(20:27:24) Duke- Matt: he wants maybin
(20:27:44) sndbommin: Is he on IM with you?
(20:27:58) sndbommin: Or the phone?
(20:28:02) Duke- Matt: no, phone
(20:28:09) Duke- Matt: computer froze
(20:28:24) sndbommin: OK, I'm making the pick
(20:28:27) sndbommin: See him in a minute
(20:28:51) Duke- Matt: He wanted cameron Maybin
(20:28:55) sndbommin: Got it
(20:28:56) Duke- Matt: from Det
(20:29:01) Duke- Matt: k, cool
(20:29:02) sndbommin: VT is on the clock
(20:29:11) VA Tech- Scott: andy laroche
(20:29:50) sndbommin: OK, UVA is on the clock
(20:31:27) sndbommin: Chris Ianetta
(20:32:06) sndbommin: MD is on the clock
(20:32:08) MD- Todd: MD takes Adam Miller, Cle
(20:32:48) sndbommin: Miami is on the clock
(20:33:49) Miami- Bob: mike pelfrey
(20:34:39) sndbommin: FSU is on the clock
(20:34:42) FSU- Greg: Ryan Braun 3B Mil
(20:35:18) sndbommin: GT is on the clock
(20:35:21) NC State- Ryan: GT takes Igawa
(20:35:26) sndbommin: Wake up, Ryan
(20:35:28) sndbommin: Is that Kei
(20:35:41) sndbommin: What's that first name, I have to type it on my other machine
(20:35:58) NC State- Ryan: I think so, he doesn't have a first
(20:36:11) MD- Todd: Kei is the first name
(20:36:23) sndbommin: Wow, OK, +1 memory for me
(20:36:32) sndbommin: NCSU is on the clock
(20:36:34) NC State- Ryan: NCSU takes Justin Upton
(20:37:13) sndbommin: BC is on the clock
(20:37:32) BC- Mike: Ryan Braun 3B Brewers
(20:37:37) sndbommin: Already selected
(20:37:44) sndbommin: Pick 17
(20:38:29) BC- Mike: my bad Evan Longori 3b Tampa and Yovani Gallardo, P Milwaukee
(20:38:34) BC- Mike: Longoria
(20:38:35) UNCTarHeelFan42 entered the room.
(20:39:16) Miami- Bob: we gave you bobo belinski , Brian
(20:39:20) UNC- Brian: sweet
(20:40:08) sndbommin: Brian, I suggest you visit
(20:40:12) sndbommin: That'll have the picks
(20:40:19) UNC- Brian: ok, matt emailed them to me too
(20:40:42) sndbommin: Thanks, Matt
(20:40:55) sndbommin: Now, we can put NCSU on the clock
(20:41:20) NC State- Ryan: NCSU selects Carlos Gonzalez
(20:41:56) sndbommin: That is a real person, right?
(20:41:58) sndbommin: JK
(20:42:04) sndbommin: GT is on the clock
(20:42:10) NC State- Ryan: GT selects Kouzmanoff
(20:42:46) sndbommin: Tony had a good draft
(20:42:53) sndbommin: FSU is on the clock
(20:43:19) Miami- Bob: better than the wedding I bet
(20:43:27) FSU- Greg: Elijah Dukes of TB
(20:43:46) sndbommin: Greg had me rolling with the wedding jokes before this thing even started
(20:44:26) BC- Mike: i was going to take igawa if he didnt
(20:45:24) sndbommin: I would say that the first player with a pending marijuana charge has been taken, but I'm not SURE that's true
(20:45:38) sndbommin: But I am sure that MIA is on the clock
(20:46:13) Miami- Bob: Adam Lind tor
(20:46:18) FSU- Greg: million dollar talent 10 cent head...worth the risk
(20:46:48) Miami- Bob: have a wife like that, I'm used to it
(20:47:26) sndbommin: MD is on the clock
(20:47:30) MD- Todd: MD takes Hunter Pence, Hou
(20:48:02) sndbommin: Lots of guys with good drafts, this is awesome
(20:48:06) sndbommin: NCSU is on the clock
(20:48:50) NC State- Ryan: NCSU selects Luke Hochevar
(20:48:58) sndbommin: From UT!
(20:49:00) sndbommin: Nice
(20:49:25) sndbommin: Sorry, folks, I am secretly an SEC fan, you can call for my impeachment at your leisure
(20:49:43) BC- Mike: best football conference by far
(20:50:09) sndbommin: Back to business, VT is on the clock
(20:50:23) VA Tech- Scott: josh fields, pale hose
(20:50:56) sndbommin: UNC is on the clock
(20:51:04) UNC- Brian: keeping with the Tiger theme...Andrew Miller
(20:51:53) sndbommin: He's on the rule definition page, and now he's on UNC's roster
(20:51:58) sndbommin: Duke is on the clock
(20:52:05) BC- Mike: mr irrelevant
(20:52:17) sndbommin: Mr. Minor Irrelevance
(20:52:29) sndbommin: Or Mr. Minor Relevance?
(20:52:34) Duke- Matt: Reid Brignac
(20:52:51) NC State- Ryan: that sounds like a scotch or brandy
(20:52:55) NC State- Ryan: not a baseball player
(20:53:19) sndbommin: I thought Carlos Gonzalez was a joke-- like, the next baseball player with that name, that's who I meant
(20:53:21) sndbommin: OK
(20:53:34) sndbommin: That concludes our first and only planned minor league draft!
(20:53:52) sndbommin: It was a long road to get there, and I hope that you all enjoy this phase of our league
(20:54:27) sndbommin: As a reminder to all owners, you may waive any player on your minor league roster and "sign" any player eligible for the minor leagues at any time
(20:54:32) BC- Mike: once the season starts can we add/drop minor league players on our own
(20:54:38) sndbommin: Yes, that's correct
(20:54:52) sndbommin: You will not need my involvement, and the transaction will show on the waiver wire
(20:55:05) sndbommin: If you pick someone obscure enough, the player's name will need to be entered
(20:55:18) sndbommin: It's my BELIEF that you can do that yourselves
(20:55:23) sndbommin: But I am not 100% certain
(20:55:27) UNC- Brian: No picking yourself up Ryan
(20:55:43) sndbommin: I suggest that we let Ryan spend a roster spot on himself
(20:55:54) sndbommin: I think that we would all enjoy any outcome
(20:55:56) NC State- Ryan: I almost drafted me but thought that would too conceited
(20:56:29) sndbommin: If you need to add a player, but you cannot, please e-mail the league
(20:56:41) sndbommin: I will attend to it, and the league will know your intentions
(20:56:45) BC- Mike: or post it on the message b oard
(20:56:51) sndbommin: Also acceptable
(20:57:10) sndbommin: Basically any public statement of intent will do
(20:57:26) BC- Mike: on CBS you can set it up so that anything posted on the message board will be emailed ot the league
(20:57:34) sndbommin: Oooh, I may very well do that
(20:57:53) sndbommin: Except only Matt and I have our current e-mail addresses affiliated with their CBS accounts
(20:57:58) sndbommin: We'll look into that
(20:58:29) sndbommin: Does anyone need a break?
(20:58:37) NC State- Ryan: let's do this
(20:58:38) BC- Mike: i am ready to make my supp pick if everyone is ready
(20:58:38) MD- Todd: nope
(20:58:41) Duke- Matt: no
(20:58:45) FSU- Greg: no
(20:58:55) UNC- Brian: lets go
(20:59:03) VA Tech- Scott: ready
(20:59:31) sndbommin: Good enough for me
(20:59:37) sndbommin: BC is on the clock
(20:59:47) BC- Mike: Joe Mauer, C Minnesota Twins
(21:00:51) sndbommin: NCSU is on the clock
(21:00:54) UNC- Brian: wait
(21:00:57) UNC- Brian: FSU can protect
(21:01:02) sndbommin: Ooops
(21:01:03) sndbommin: Sorry!
(21:01:06) sndbommin: Thanks
(21:01:10) UNC- Brian: no prob
(21:01:11) FSU- Greg: no thanks
(21:01:18) sndbommin: FSU declines
(21:01:25) sndbommin: 1 sec from me
(21:02:05) sndbommin: OK, FSU declines to protect
(21:02:23) sndbommin: Now NCSU is on the clock
(21:02:26) NC State- Ryan: NCSU selects Brian Roberts, from his own team
(21:02:38) BC- Mike: Georgia Tech selects K-Rod
(21:02:42) sndbommin: You do not get to protect anyone then
(21:02:48) UNC- Brian: nope he cant protect
(21:02:49) sndbommin: Yikes
(21:02:55) sndbommin: Give me a sec!
(21:02:56) sndbommin: LOL
(21:03:17) BC- Mike: bob was taking a closer no matter what
(21:03:54) BC- Mike: tony i mean
(21:04:18) sndbommin: VT is on the clock with a protection pick
(21:04:41) VA Tech- Scott: billy wagner
(21:05:01) BC- Mike: that was tony's other pick
(21:06:39) FSU- Greg: can i pick?
(21:06:43) sndbommin: OK, FSU is on the clock
(21:06:52) sndbommin: It's OK if you pick before I announce
(21:07:02) sndbommin: But it may take me a few seconds to catch up
(21:07:04) UNC- Brian: as long as you are the next pick
(21:07:15) UNC- Brian: we don't want any misfires!!!
(21:07:58) FSU- Greg: Nick Swisher 1B/OF Oak
(21:08:33) sndbommin: VT is on the clock with a protection pick
(21:08:46) VA Tech- Scott: pass
(21:09:06) sndbommin: VT declines, MIA is on the clock
(21:09:44) Miami- Bob: alex rios
(21:10:30) sndbommin: I am on the clock with a protection pick
(21:10:37) Miami- Bob: that's what moved me
(21:10:40) sndbommin: UVA is on the clock, blah blah
(21:11:14) BC- Mike: this is way off topic and i don't know if anyone will agree with me, but i think if you use your protection pick it should be you're next scheduled pick, not your last pick
(21:11:24) UNC- Brian: no not at all
(21:11:31) NC State- Ryan: let's table this discussion
(21:11:32) NC State- Ryan: draft only
(21:11:36) NC State- Ryan: we need to get a move on
(21:11:58) NC State- Ryan: /ryan is grumpy
(21:12:04) BC- Mike: i can tell
(21:12:08) NC State- Ryan: :)
(21:12:37) sndbommin: UVA protects Scott Kazmir
(21:12:49) sndbommin: The best MC with no neckchain you ever heard
(21:12:56) sndbommin: Sorry about that
(21:13:03) sndbommin: MD on the clock
(21:13:15) MD- Todd: Adam Dunn
(21:13:24) UNC- Brian: protect Jim Thome
(21:14:07) sndbommin: OK, UNC didn't need his time
(21:14:15) sndbommin: So I am on the clock
(21:15:05) sndbommin: Bill Hall
(21:15:40) sndbommin: NCSU is on the clock with a protection pick
(21:15:43) NC State- Ryan: NCSU protects Brett Myers
(21:16:54) sndbommin: UNC is on the clock with the 8th selection of the 1st round
(21:18:17) UNC- Brian: troy glaus
(21:18:58) sndbommin: GT is on the clock with a protection selection
(21:19:05) sndbommin: Hope he wrote the right directions!
(21:19:05) BC- Mike: no
(21:19:14) sndbommin: GT passes
(21:19:34) sndbommin: VT is on the clock with the 9th selection of the 1st round
(21:19:37) VA Tech- Scott: johnny damon
(21:20:14) Duke- Matt: Protect Delgado
(21:20:16) sndbommin: Duke is on the clock
(21:20:17) sndbommin: NM
(21:21:04) sndbommin: Duke is now on the clock with the 10th selection of the 1st round
(21:21:34) BC- Mike: isnt this first pick of round 2
(21:21:37) UNC- Brian: no
(21:21:39) sndbommin: Nope
(21:21:41) Duke- Matt: no, i protected
(21:21:54) BC- Mike: ok nevermind
(21:22:17) Duke- Matt: I'll go w/ Lackey
(21:22:49) Duke- Matt: Last of the Sexson.
(21:22:58) sndbommin: ?
(21:23:07) sndbommin: I don't understand, Matt
(21:23:19) sndbommin: You can't protect someone when you select your own player?
(21:23:25) Duke- Matt: protected Delgado, and have 2 picks. Sexson and Lackey
(21:23:32) Duke- Matt: snake
(21:23:38) sndbommin: Ah!
(21:23:51) BC- Mike: what is
(21:24:24) UNC- Brian: UNC selects BJ Ryan
(21:24:24) Duke- Matt: lasy pick of my supp. draft is sexson
(21:24:55) sndbommin: FSU is on the clock with a protection pick before Brian
(21:24:58) sndbommin: Sorry, Bri
(21:25:02) UNC- Brian: oops
(21:25:08) UNC- Brian: i screwed myself LOL
(21:25:23) UNC- Brian: you know why, we switched from the minor league draft
(21:25:31) FSU- Greg: I thought FSU had to make a choice then VT pciks
(21:25:31) UNC- Brian: i had 9-11
(21:25:41) UNC- Brian: 9-12
(21:25:56) sndbommin: Indeed, Brian, you are two picks away
(21:26:13) FSU- Greg: fsu declines to keep anyone
(21:26:25) sndbommin: FSU waives protection
(21:26:40) sndbommin: VT is on the clock with the 2nd selection of the 2nd round
(21:26:44) VA Tech- Scott: gary sheffield, i am done and out, i will check the rest of the draft and the draft order on the website
(21:27:10) Miami- Bob: protect Haren... sorry Ryan;-)
(21:27:18) NC State- Ryan: damn you!
(21:27:35) UNC- Brian: now i am up?
(21:27:43) calverthallgang left the room.
(21:28:58) sndbommin: OK, yes, Brian can select BJ Ryan now
(21:29:01) UNC- Brian: done
(21:29:04) UNC- Brian: bj ryan
(21:29:51) sndbommin: UNC does not get a protection pick
(21:30:07) sndbommin: NCSU is on the clock with the 4th selection of the 2nd round
(21:30:28) NC State- Ryan: Cole Hamels
(21:31:10) sndbommin: GT would be on the clock with a protection pick
(21:31:11) UNC- Brian: either a great pick or a horrible pick....time will tell
(21:31:19) sndbommin: I'm assuming that he will continue to pass?
(21:31:26) BC- Mike: yep
(21:31:51) sndbommin: In that case, MD is on the clock
(21:31:55) MD- Todd: I'm gonna take my own guy here - Huston Street
(21:33:06) sndbommin: MD gets no protection pick
(21:33:10) sndbommin: MIA is on the clock
(21:33:37) sndbommin: For the record, I told Ryan that Hamels was not even on my draft board
(21:33:52) sndbommin: That's right, Daigle, I'm calling you out
(21:33:54) sndbommin: Grumpy
(21:34:01) NC State- Ryan: oh shit, bring IT!
(21:34:07) BC- Mike: he wasn't on tonys either :-)
(21:34:16) BC- Mike: and he was on tonys team
(21:34:21) NC State- Ryan: :)
(21:34:27) NC State- Ryan: I am secure in my pick
(21:34:30) sndbommin: For real, what franchise is Carlos Gonzalez on?
(21:34:32) NC State- Ryan: unlike Matt and his sexuality
(21:34:35) BC- Mike: AZ
(21:34:37) NC State- Ryan: ARI
(21:34:43) sndbommin: Mike knew
(21:35:03) BC- Mike: he is #20 on the prospect sheet i printed out
(21:35:28) Duke- Matt: 19 on mine
(21:35:38) sndbommin: Man, I love this league
(21:35:48) NC State- Ryan: whose pick?
(21:35:48) sndbommin: OK, MIA, time for your pick
(21:35:52) sndbommin: That is warning #1
(21:35:56) Miami- Bob: julio lugo
(21:36:47) sndbommin: FSU, you continue to pass on the protection picks?
(21:36:53) FSU- Greg: I decline to protect anyone and will pick Adam Laroche 1B Pittsburgh
(21:37:48) sndbommin: MIA is out of picks
(21:38:07) sndbommin: GT is on the clock
(21:38:13) BC- Mike: G Tech selects R Zimmerman
(21:40:16) sndbommin: OK, I give
(21:40:23) sndbommin: Who's roster is he on?
(21:40:25) BC- Mike: Ryan
(21:40:28) BC- Mike: 3B
(21:40:30) BC- Mike: not sure
(21:40:35) NC State- Ryan: not mine
(21:40:56) Duke- Matt: not mine
(21:41:00) Miami- Bob: mine
(21:41:12) Miami- Bob: i'm out of pcks
(21:41:37) UNC- Brian: did you protect 2?
(21:42:03) sndbommin: MIA has selected Alex Rios, Julio Lugo, and Danny Haren
(21:42:07) sndbommin: He is out of picks
(21:42:28) sndbommin: And Zimmerman was on his roster
(21:42:34) sndbommin: In a way that confused Google somehow
(21:42:37) sndbommin: Kudos
(21:42:51) sndbommin: BC is on the clock
(21:43:00) BC- Mike: BC will select Corey Patterson
(21:43:03) Miami- Bob: and laroche
(21:43:34) FSU- Greg: he is picked by FSU
(21:44:20) sndbommin: Ignoring the LaRoche thing for a second
(21:44:30) sndbommin: BC's 9th selection of the 2nd round is Patterson
(21:44:32) Miami- Bob: sorry
(21:44:42) sndbommin: GT is on the clock with a protection pick
(21:44:49) sndbommin: I assume he's still passing?
(21:44:49) BC- Mike: pass
(21:44:52) sndbommin: Indeed
(21:44:56) UNCTarHeelFan42 left the room.
(21:45:09) sndbommin: He doesn't need to be here, I'm over it
(21:45:27) sndbommin: In that case, BC is back on the clock with the 10th selection of the 2nd round
(21:45:41) BC- Mike: Howie Kendrick 2B
(21:46:07) sndbommin: Was Howie on a roster?
(21:46:47) UNCTarHeelFan42 entered the room.
(21:47:10) BC- Mike: not sure
(21:47:12) NC State- Ryan: no
(21:47:15) sndbommin: MD is the only one that matters
(21:47:28) sndbommin: And he was not on MD
(21:47:28) MD- Todd: not on mine
(21:47:30) BC- Mike: G Tech has one more pick ot make
(21:47:43) sndbommin: Right, but you've passed on the keepers I think three times already
(21:47:46) Duke- Matt: not mine
(21:47:49) sndbommin: Not you, but...
(21:48:03) BC- Mike: he has a pick ion the 3rd round
(21:48:07) BC- Mike: not a protection pick
(21:48:28) sndbommin: Right
(21:48:36) NC State- Ryan: all right boys, great draft, I'm out for the night
(21:48:41) sndbommin: Peace Ryan!
(21:48:45) NC State- Ryan: thanks jim!
(21:48:45) MD- Todd: see ya
(21:48:46) NikolaiDaglevich left the room.
(21:48:55) sndbommin: I am on the clock for the 1st selection of the 3rd round
(21:49:00) sndbommin: And we are almost done
(21:50:14) sndbommin: Aaron Harang
(21:51:20) sndbommin: GT is on the clock with the 3rd selection of the 3rd round
(21:51:59) BC- Mike: he has josh barfield rated next i think?
(21:52:06) sndbommin: Barfield is available
(21:52:09) BC- Mike: him then rolen
(21:52:21) sndbommin: If you want to copy and paste in an IM to me, I can cross reference
(21:52:39) BC- Mike: barfield is next i am just not sure he would take him this high
(21:52:39) Duke- Matt: givem, barfield and if he's the last he can switch out rolen by tomorrow
(21:52:51) Duke- Matt: last pick that is
(21:52:51) BC- Mike: give him barfield them
(21:52:53) BC- Mike: then
(21:53:30) sndbommin: FSU is on the clock with the 6th pick of the 3rd round
(21:53:34) sndbommin: Next to last pick gentlemen
(21:53:52) FSU- Greg: Jason Giambi 1B NYY
(21:54:56) sndbommin: Wish I had a protection pick left
(21:55:03) sndbommin: But instead I was just kidding
(21:55:11) sndbommin: That was the 4th selection of the 3rd round
(21:55:31) sndbommin: And now MD will cap the supplemental with the 6th selection of the 3rd round
(21:55:45) MD- Todd: OK - I'll finish it up with Todd Helton - he's got a great first name
(21:56:37) sndbommin: OK, that wraps it up for the supplemental!
(21:56:37) Duke- Matt: alright hit that draft button Jim
(21:56:47) sndbommin: One second on that
(21:56:50) sndbommin: I will have to log in
(21:57:49) MD- Todd: what part of the league page can we view this
(21:57:52) sndbommin: Hmm, Mike, where's this button?
(21:58:13) BC- Mike: you go to draft setup and click for random draft order
(21:58:13) sndbommin: Draft results are available at
(21:58:27) sndbommin: And
(21:58:32) Miami- Bob: get your tickets guys, we'll do next years down here in the sunshine:-)
(21:58:46) MD- Todd: i'm in
(21:59:16) sndbommin: I am definitely in!
(21:59:20) sndbommin: Mike, I don't see that
(21:59:24) Duke- Matt: I really thought I'd be able to keep both Delgado and Damon :(
(21:59:32) sndbommin: It's my directive to get that determined tomorrow
(21:59:37) sndbommin: I will do so
(21:59:41) BC- Mike: i am looking at my football one right now hold on
(21:59:43) Duke- Matt: Damon has been the glue for 3 seasons
(21:59:55) BC- Mike: do you have a tab called "set up"
(22:00:02) Miami- Bob: your done, Matt;-)
(22:00:02) BC- Mike: in red
(22:00:09) sndbommin: Yup
(22:00:17) Duke- Matt: lol
(22:00:28) BC- Mike: go to the draft portiojn
(22:00:30) BC- Mike: portion
(22:00:44) sndbommin: OK, I've selected "By Entering Off-line draft results"
(22:00:50) FSU- Greg: I guess I did a poor job managing things . 4 of my players were taken.
(22:00:53) BC- Mike: at the bottom in blue you can click "set draft order"
(22:01:08) sndbommin: Matt, to me, the Ortiz thing IS an eligibility question
(22:01:15) sndbommin: Is he really a 1B?
(22:01:16) UNC- Brian: nobody wanted my guys....are we sure i placed second?
(22:01:17) Miami- Bob: 4 from me too, Greg
(22:01:25) FSU- Greg: that means i could have traded for some picks
(22:01:32) FSU- Greg: oh well
(22:01:33) sndbommin: I had one guy selected, and I wish I could protect two of them
(22:01:37) sndbommin: This league is wacky
(22:01:49) Miami- Bob: as it should be
(22:01:54) sndbommin: I love it
(22:02:10) sndbommin: Matt, do you think Ortiz is a 1B, really?
(22:02:16) sndbommin: No judgement
(22:02:20) UNC- Brian: Here is my thoughts....either we lower position eligibility for all positions like ESPN (1 game) or we gotta keep our settings
(22:02:43) FSU- Greg: how many can we now keep going into the draft? 10 right?
(22:02:56) sndbommin: Yup, can keep 10
(22:03:05) BC- Mike: do you see at the bottom of the draft page "advanced features" and then links to some other things. thats where the set draft order thing is
(22:03:08) sndbommin: Anybody that stayed on your roster, you can "pre-select"
(22:03:15) Duke- Matt: If he has to play DH because it is his postion, then others who didn;t play DH should be able to play that postion. I don't think we can change that so it's moot.
(22:03:16) UNC- Brian: Its unfair that Matt can play Ortiz at 1B and others may have just as many starts at another position and not get eligibility
(22:03:41) Duke- Matt: it's just we need to be aware certain players can no longer play 1B
(22:03:44) Miami- Bob: when we opt to keep 10 are we locked into that at the draft
(22:03:50) Duke- Matt: and need to draft accordingly
(22:03:53) sndbommin: Got it!
(22:03:57) sndbommin: OK, one sec
(22:04:01) UNC- Brian: agreed, i got thome
(22:04:03) Duke- Matt: I'm not asking to change eligibility
(22:04:32) sndbommin: But, in a way, you are.
(22:04:36) UNC- Brian: sure you are, if ortiz didnt play at 10 at 1B, then he isnt eligible
(22:04:40) sndbommin: The eligibility rules haven't changed
(22:04:43) Duke- Matt: I was just stating the new rules. I prefer espn's nad wanted it changed but it can't so we just need to be aware
(22:04:45) sndbommin: Ortiz did play 10 at 1B
(22:04:48) sndbommin: Those aren't new
(22:04:59) UNC- Brian: So why isnt he eligible then?
(22:05:08) sndbommin: Either ESPN was lackadaisacal in their enforcement LAST year
(22:05:08) Duke- Matt: 20 games is the rule
(22:05:12) UNC- Brian: Oh, I see
(22:05:23) UNC- Brian: maybe we should lower it to 10 then?
(22:05:29) Miami- Bob: 10 during the coming season though?
(22:05:35) Duke- Matt: we can change it too 10 but that's not fair to Thome and hafner.
(22:05:37) sndbommin: My suggestion was to lower it to 10 during the coming season
(22:05:43) sndbommin: And we can discuss during the year
(22:05:49) FSU- Greg: I think if a player didnt play in the filed all year he should only be a dh. but if played at all at one position that should be his position.
(22:05:51) UNC- Brian: yeah thats true matt
(22:06:09) sndbommin: I think this accomplishes both the goal of not upsetting the balance of last season's competitiveness while allowing us to decide what we really thing
(22:06:11) sndbommin: think
(22:06:22) BC- Mike: i think there should be a minimum and i am fine with 10
(22:06:33) sndbommin: Greg is saying what the rules actually are in most league
(22:06:35) sndbommin: leagues
(22:06:40) sndbommin: Hafner, Ortiz, etc.
(22:06:42) UNC- Brian: Like Matt said, that doesnt seem fair to Hafner andThome
(22:06:44) BC- Mike: i think even frank thomas played first a couple games but he is definitely a DH
(22:06:45) sndbommin: They are only eligible at DH
(22:06:56) sndbommin: That's what the eligibility rules are for
(22:07:04) UNC- Brian: Sure, but it is a change in the rules
(22:07:05) sndbommin: If they play enough at 1B, they are eligible!
(22:07:09) UNC- Brian: Frm a change in the league
(22:07:10) sndbommin: Just like that
(22:07:12) Duke- Matt: Waht eevr we decide it fine, i thought we could change it like espn, since we can;t it's moe of an awareness issue
(22:07:14) UNC- Brian: That we never voted on
(22:07:25) sndbommin: I don't agree, Brian
(22:07:27) UNC- Brian: Yes, I thought we could keep it like ESPN?
(22:07:37) sndbommin: The rules say 20 games in the season before, or 5 games in the current season
(22:07:43) UNC- Brian: What rules?
(22:07:53) sndbommin: Ortiz and Thome will be eligible after their first two interleague series
(22:07:56) BC- Mike: was Hafner eligible at 1b
(22:08:00) UNC- Brian: What rules?
(22:08:03) UNC- Brian: Fans of the ACC?
(22:08:09) sndbommin: The rules I got when I joined the league
(22:08:12) sndbommin: Yes, that document
(22:08:16) Duke- Matt: I say we just leave it, since Ortiz is the only player that would change.
(22:08:26) sndbommin: Those rules, however, as I told Matt, were inconsistent
(22:08:40) sndbommin: They delegated to ESPN *AND* listed something specific
(22:08:55) sndbommin: The delegation seems to say "Ortiz can play anywhere"
(22:09:04) Duke- Matt: Just make sure everyone drafts a 1B/CI . Thome, Thomas, Hafner, and Ortiz are possibleproblems
(22:09:08) sndbommin: But the specific requirements say "No, he is a DH"
(22:09:10) UNC- Brian: Where in the rules does it say that? I am not questioning you, I am just curious
(22:10:16) UNC- Brian: I do not see it anywhere in our current rules
(22:10:21) UNC- Brian: But I might be missing it
(22:10:50) FSU- Greg: have we picked the draft order yet?
(22:11:02) BC- Mike: jim can you post the draft order when you get it
(22:11:29) Duke- Matt: If we switch to 10 ortiz plays first but the others still can only play DH. it'snot worth changing. I just needed to know how to draft. Ie. i couldn;t draft Thome
(22:12:34) sndbommin: The draft order has not been posted
(22:12:36) UNC- Brian: I just think we should be keeping ESPN's eligibility unless we do a rule change or someone can show me where in the rules it has position eligibility requirements
(22:12:48) sndbommin: Brian, I will look for those
(22:12:53) sndbommin: I cannot find them right now
(22:12:58) UNC- Brian: I am on the website
(22:12:59) sndbommin: But I am 99% sure they exist
(22:13:06) UNC- Brian: Isn't that the official rules?
(22:13:09) sndbommin: They are
(22:13:11) UNC- Brian: ok
(22:13:20) sndbommin: And if they are not there, we will proceed as if they were never there
(22:13:34) sndbommin: And Ortiz, et. al will get the most lenient treatment possible
(22:13:47) UNC- Brian: what about thome?
(22:14:00) UNC- Brian: and what about players with multi-eligibility?
(22:14:01) Miami- Bob: not him;-)
(22:14:02) sndbommin: For the draft order, can someone get to the page where they can see what the draft order currently is?
(22:14:11) UNC- Brian: I just want to be clear, thats all
(22:14:14) sndbommin: Thome will be eligible if he played 1 game at 1B
(22:14:20) sndbommin: That's the most lenient possible
(22:14:33) sndbommin: Last year, or "this year" the 2007 season
(22:14:46) UNC- Brian: ok, and multi-position elig?
(22:14:55) sndbommin: For whom?
(22:15:04) sndbommin: I am sure this thing is there
(22:15:07) sndbommin: I've seen it on the wiki
(22:15:13) sndbommin: But don't think it's linked correctly
(22:15:19) sndbommin: We'll see
(22:15:32) sndbommin: Any way you cut it, it's my mistake somehow
(22:15:38) BC- Mike: jim i dont think we can see the draft thing because you have an off-line draft set up
(22:15:42) sndbommin: So we'll see what we decide as a league
(22:15:52) sndbommin: I changed that a moment ago, Mike
(22:16:22) Duke- Matt: On ESPN, there is no DH. Anyone who plays DH only essentially is a 1B
(22:16:44) BC- Mike: i dont know after you click "set draft order" it should show up right on your page
(22:16:47) sndbommin: How on earth does that make sense?
(22:16:48) Duke- Matt: The flex position is utility. That is the on;y difference
(22:16:52) sndbommin: It does
(22:16:55) sndbommin: Mike, it does
(22:17:10) sndbommin: Does everyone trust me that I am about to click "Randomize Order" for the draft position?
(22:17:17) Duke- Matt: yep
(22:17:17) sndbommin: We have a quorum
(22:17:19) BC- Mike: yes
(22:17:21) MD- Todd: yes
(22:17:26) Miami- Bob: yes
(22:17:31) UNC- Brian: yes
(22:17:42) BC- Mike: just post copy/paste the order into the commissioners mesage afterwards
(22:17:49) BC- Mike: so we can all see it
(22:18:24) sndbommin: OK, can do
(22:18:37) sndbommin: Dammit you guys, I got 1st pick
(22:18:46) sndbommin: I swear that's how it turned out
(22:18:50) BC- Mike: its ok i trust you
(22:18:57) Duke- Matt: remember we start drafting in round 10 now...I do believe
(22:19:00) sndbommin: Anyway
(22:19:08) sndbommin: And I'm going to be protecting someone anyway
(22:19:12) sndbommin: So it doesn't matter
(22:19:19) sndbommin: OK, that's done
(22:19:34) UNC- Brian: right, so pick #1 is 1.1
(22:19:39) sndbommin: We'll discuss the eligibility thing after I look for the current rules on the wiki
(22:19:49) sndbommin: I may have some off-line questions for you, Matt
(22:19:56) Duke- Matt: k
(22:19:57) sndbommin: So I know how to present the issue in general
(22:20:07) BC- Mike: whats the order other than you with #1
(22:20:10) sndbommin: But otherwise, we are all wrapped up
(22:20:12) sndbommin: 1 sec
(22:20:47) sndbommin: UVA, NCSU, VT, Duke, UNC, GT, MD, BC, FSU, MIA
(22:21:03) Duke- Matt: sweet
(22:21:07) Duke- Matt: later
(22:21:14) MD- Todd: see you guys later
(22:21:25) BC- Mike: jim if you have time could you send tony his picks via text message. if not no big deal
(22:21:32) NYCWSTONES left the room.
(22:21:32) BC- Mike: i dont have my phone witt me
(22:21:44) FSU- Greg: so if i keep a player I forfeit my pick in round 10 and pick 2nd in round 11,correcy?
(22:21:54) FSU- Greg: correct?
(22:21:57) BC- Mike: i think thats right
(22:22:03) Duke- Matt: yep
(22:22:11) sndbommin: Yup
(22:22:14) UNC- Brian: thanks everyone
(22:22:15) Duke- Matt: you can't trade that pick though
(22:22:20) Miami- Bob: later everyone
(22:22:23) Duke- Matt: if you forfiet
(22:22:34) FSU- Greg: cool
(22:22:35) BC- Mike: ok guys i am out, take it easy
(22:22:37) Ppbone left the room.
(22:22:39) NOLEGREG left the room.
(22:22:39) Duke- Matt: later
(22:22:42) UNCTarHeelFan42 left the room.
(22:22:45) MCM21078 left the room.
(22:22:58) sndbommin: Zap!
(22:23:07) Duke- Matt: good job
(22:23:44) sndbommin: If you say so
(22:23:54) sndbommin: If I don't find this eligibility thing, I'll be PISSED!
(22:23:57) sndbommin: I've seen it!
(22:24:03) sndbommin: Not that I care how the ruling goes
(22:24:07) sndbommin: But I thought it was there
(22:24:21) sndbommin: It's a personal order issue
(22:24:47) Duke- Matt: we should have eligibility guide lines, we always had them. we just need to determine how we handle the DH now
(22:25:16) Duke- Matt: it wasn't a position in the past, it had nothing to do about number of games played
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